my funny valentine

I love Valentine's day. I love giving presents. I love love. I woke up to a rose and a card in the bathroom with candy hearts scattered around. I move into the living room and see a giant heart-shaped I Love You balloon and a lot more roses. By the vase is a bear that you can record voices in - when its hand is pressed you hear Asleep yelling, 'You're so lazy!' All over the house are candy hearts - by the computer, by the television, on the kitchen counter, in the refrigerator, and on the chest.

Asleep came home and graced me with gifts along with his precense - a hanging plant (for the balcony), a robe and boxers that has a man with a remote saying, 'I wish I knew how to quit you!' He made us an amazing dinner - tostadas and spanish rice (and you can't forget the King Taco hot sauce).

Thank you baby for everything. You make everyday feel like Valentine's Day.

Making the night complete was this (watch the video). It makes me laugh.


Asleep said...

thank you. i loved my gists too. the best part was cuddling with you after watching wheel of fortune. wynonna ain't got nuthin else better to do.

happy day after valentin's day.

Katie said...

i love wheel of fortune!

nancy said...

And this is why we couldn't skip February! Take a video of your bear!