countdown: three

-- Do I Have --
Of course I have,
Beneath my raincoat,
I have your photographs.
And the sun on your
I'm freezing that frame

And somewhere Alfie cries
and says "Enjoy his every smile
You can see in the dark
Through the eyes of Laura Mars"
-- How did it go so fast --
you'll say as we are looking back
and then we'll understand
we held gold dust in our hands


I really love this song. It makes me think of all the things you shouldn't take for granted. Every time I am having dinner with my family. Playing with the kids. Having a drink or two with friends. Laughing about the past. All those things I keep in my heart. It's my gold dust.

Asleep told me to get an emergency kit for the trip. I finally purchased one last night. It's heavy and includes the following:
Reflective strip on back (of bag) alerts oncoming vehicles
AAA double sided carry bag w/ AAA zipper pulls
AAA membership brochure
Heavy duty 10' 8G booster cable w/ vinyl coated 300AMP clamps
Heavy duty tow rope
Flashlight hand charge 2 LED
Pair of gloves w/ dimples for better gripping
Emergency poncho --- I can't wait to wear this!
2-in-1 screwdriver
Bungee cord
Duct tape
Shop clothes
First aid supplies

So in case my care ever flies off a ravine, I think we will be ok, thanks to my AAA emergency kit! The only thing I feel it's lacking is road flares, I really want to have a small Fourth of July in February.

It feels a little more real that I am moving. Due to the fact I had maybe 10 diet coke's at dinner, I couldn't sleep last night - so I packed. I folded down all of my clothes and put them in the space-saver thingys my mom bought for me. I hope they work as good as they say they do. I also have started pre-moving in - my first box of things arrived at Asleep's work yesterday. I asked if he wanted to open it and see what was in there. He said 'no.' I wondered why he didn't want to look through it. Because, I don't care whose box it is - I would want to look in and see their belongings they mailed to me. He eventually did. He wondered I had so many belts. I can't answer that question, only because I'm not really sure why I have about 20 belts ranging in color and style.

Before my big purchase of my emergency kit, Heather, Jamie, Michael and I ate at Olive Garden. I am pretty sure out waitress was strung out on something not legal. During the evening of carbs, she called us the following names: Shower Head (directed at Jamie), Egg Heads, AK, and several others that may be in the urban dictionary - as she would call us those names she would look at us with her beady eyes with pouted lips. She would also tell us 'NO' when we asked for a refill, joking of course only to bring us a new soda.

*I found it odd how she called us those names, so I looked them up in the Urban Dictionary. Funny to see how each name we were called is in there.

Shower Head:
1. oral sex given to a male while showering with a sexual partner.
2. something you use to jack off with...or...girls jack off with.

Egg Head:
1. An overly intellectual person; someone who thinks too much.

5. A shortened term how the AK-47, a widely available assualt rifle popular with thugs, urban criminals and terrorists.


Asleep said...

mmmm showerhed... mmmmmm. (hey, who said that!)

Ashley said...

She must have thought you all where some crazy, terrorist bitches!

Katie said...

i was disappointed you weren't at the thursday night club. we had a italian!

Katie said...

not A italian or an italian...just italian. food that is.