a piece of omaha in hollywood

On Saturday night, Asleep and I went to the Knitting Factory to see Greg's band Little Brazil perform. This was my first time driving through LA - I did pretty good I must say. Before the show, we ate King Taco in East LA.

A funny thing I thought to myself about is the ratio of Mexicans to me. There may have been over 50 people there - all Mexicans and me. Back home, this would maybe make me uncomfortable. But here I didn't see it until the very end while I was waiting for Asleep. I still have no idea what people are saying when they speak Spanish - I can, however, pick up on smaller words which excites me and makes me feel smart.

We arrive at the venue, near Janice Dickenson's 'modeling agency.' Greg found me when I walked though the door and we started conversation. While at the bar, an extremely annoying drunk girl found her way to our circle. She was wondering if we were in bands - because Asleep had longer hair and a beard, I had shorter hair and a beard, Greg had longer hair and no beard. She was drunk and apparently from Austin, Texas. She informed us she lived down the block from Willie Nelson - she would stand on her porch and yell 'Willie!' Somewhere in between her not shutting up and poking Asleep in the chest, we broke for the bathrooms. The other side of the venue had a heavy metal band.

Little Brazil went on and played all new songs from their second cd. They rocked, of course. After their set Dan was selling merchandise - he recognized me and knew who I was which was nice. We left with their new cd and a sticker which is now stuck on top Asleep's laptop.

Before leaving, Texas invited us back to her place a couple blocks over. She also asked Greg fro drugs. The first person I talk to while I am here and she ends up to be a doozy. Such is life.


Katie said...

ohhhh! did they look okay? health? did you get to talk to oliver and landon too? i talked to meggan last night, dan's girlfriend, and she is sick and misses him. She and oliver's wife are going out together for valentine's day. I'll see them all in chicago in a few weeks.

you know what? you probably don't care about all this, so i'll stop.

glad you got to see a few friendly faces!

nancy said...

i sent the doozy. she's my spy.