countdown: one

It's hard to sleep when you have so much on your mind.

And i have a lot of different emotions - everything from happy to sad. Having those two at the same time is really tricky. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Last night we had a small gathering with my family. Some of them are crazy and like to drink which can be used for great entertainment. Anthony explained some of his wrestling moves. My mom made amazing lasagna and bbq pulled chicken. I will miss the compound grill outs a lot.

This morning my mom gave me a card. In it was my dad's St. Christopher chain. [Enter stream of tears.] She said he always thought it kept him safe and how it will do the same for me. Funny thing is, I was just thinking yesterday how I wanted to find a St. Christopher chain before my move. Strange how those things work out.

I pick Asleep up at the airport in 30 minutes. He makes me so happy. I am very ready for this. It's insane to think of and I am pretty sure it will hit me in about a week. I am taking him to Zio's to meet a couple people and waving a see you later to them. Tomorrow is moving day and the start of something amazing.


Anonymous said...

It's not goodbye...it's see you later.

Katie said...

i have a st. christopher medal in my car. he does a pretty good job. :)

Bryan said...

Super Congrats Jimmy!! I hear that LB is a pretty happening place.

Best of luck to you dude!

mo said...

Jimmy, goosebumps raced through me as you told of the gift from your mom/dad. You are so special and I am so excited for your journey!