hot magma

Last night was a lazy night - we watched Science of Sleep - which was really good, and we we ordered in pizza. I like those kind of nights.

When we were heading to bed, my volcano hurt to the point where I could barely walk anymore. It had erupted - sick, I know. The doctor said the shot would 'localize the infection and BOOM.' This was my boom. After bleeding like a virgin's first time, I could walk normal again. I could move around without crawling and do my happy dance, much like the one below.


As a present, Asleep gave me a book this morning. The title fits my volcano situation well.


molly said...

i just made my dad watch this video with me...neither of us can quit laughing!

i love how they say, "heeeeeeeeey" like us.

Danelle the Photographer said...

im glad your booty is better.

Shawn Pendergrass said...

hmmm....i'll have to share my boil story w/ you sometime....i had to get it lanced, which was the most agonizing pain i have experienced in my entire life. there's supposed to be a picture of it in the peace corps medical handbook next year. i may even autograph a limited number of copies.

Katie said...

jimmy...i love hearing about what's going on in your life, but jeez! you're kinda grossin' me out, son!

JLauren said...

This video is like a car wreck, I can't stop looking!!