such a great beginning

After keeping a secret for a few weeks, I got to surprise Asleep for New Years Eve. I was a little scared that I wouldn’t make it in time due to all the snow in Omaha and getting late into Phoenix, but I made it to Long Beach about five hours before the 2007 ball dropped. I was so excited to see him and by the look of his face he felt the same. That night I got to meet a number of his family. I was nervous they would have the attitude of ‘who the hell are you?’ But it was the opposite – a few of them knew I was coming and everyone was very cool. Midnight rolled along and my first kiss of the year got to be the boy I went to see.

The days to follow were amazing and went too quickly. Cloud 9 couldn’t have been more comfortable. He says I’m the lazy one, but we both know that he is the lazy one. We ate King Taco twice. We discovered one location has this wonderful spicy nacho cheese. He cooked twice for me. You would think Paula Dean taught him to cook, because it’s so damn good. He doesn’t own a microwave – which I find interesting. I ask, ‘how do you make simple things such as popcorn?’ He says he makes it himself. I had that treat the last night I was there while we were watching Ice Age 2 on couch 9. So good.
We got to see the sunset. True, oil refineries and people were asking us for money, but it was with him and that’s what made it perfect. He makes me feel different – better than anyone has ever made me feel. I don’t even know how to describe it. But it’s basically like having the best orgasm all day long. He makes me feel so good about myself. And MMM he is the sexiest guy alive.

One good thing is he will be here in two weeks. One bad thing is, two months will take too long.

happy new years.

meanwhile, back in long beach

dock wall o'clock

me nut? you nut!


Asleep said...

I cooked 3 times baby. Don't forget breakfast!!! You cooked too... MMM!

I Love You.

molly said...

remember this feeling.

Heather said...

Seeing you this happy makes you leaving just a tiny bit easier.

Jimmy said...

sorry...i meant three!!! everyone - his pancakes are bomb.com!