ripple back to me

This past weekend was a wonderful time. Asleep came to visit the icy midwest with freshly fallen snow.

Seeing him walk out of the airport gates put a smile on my face - which didn't leave until he left. I first took him to see Heather - who seems to be just as concerned as my mom is about me moving. I then introduced him to the wonderful life of Zio's pizza. From there we retreated to our room and only left for ice cream.

The next day we had lunch with my mom. Having met him I was hoping to put her concerns aside - which I think did help somewhat. That evening he got to meet a couple friends over large plates of pasta. After we went to Babe's birthday to bowl.

Sunday was Farmhouse day - where he would taste the most delicious cinnamon roll man has ever made. He also cooked for some family and friends - chicken enchiladas and spanish rice. I can't tell you all, how excited I am to be eating this food regularly in a couple weeks. Hopefully he will be willing to cook - if not, I will have to start thinking up a list of bribs for him.

Monday came too fast. We had a less than mediocre Runza lunch and some laughs on my cloud 9. We had our 'see you laters' which involved me taking in deep breaths of him and exchanging bear hugs - then he flew back to the west.

Sometimes it feels like I'm missing an arm.

...see you in two weeks, arm.


Asleep said...

you make me want to stay young.

Danelle the Photographer said...

we must meet in two weeks jimbos arm...

Katie said...

what a grand time it was. is was nice meeting you arm. please take care of our little pancreas.

JLauren said...

Did he love Zio's....and the infamous cinnamon rolls??