countdown: five

I wondered two things this balmy 10 degree morning...

Why do people have their car windows down to smoke when it's freezing cold outside - can't they wait 15 minutes?

And, why when you have your car heat on and you turn a corner, the heat seems to disappear for a short second leaving you in the cold?

Last night Mollie, Matty and I had Farmhouse. We had many laughs - mostly about how I will be staying at a gay/clothing-optional resort when we go to Coachella. But also about all the drama Matty told us about. Since Mollie and I have very little drama in our lives, we like to hear of other people's craziness.

Today is my last day at obi. Ashley brought bagels. And Danelle posted a note above my computer that read:

Jimbo - Please don't leave me... :( OK, fine go! I'll just come and visit every other weekend! :) -Broken Hearted, Danelle Petersen-Schlegelmilch-Ferrin.

I've been here a year and oh, how it's flown. I somehow feel indebted to them because they were the ones who brought me to California two times. In those two times is when I got to meet Asleep. So I can't thank them enough for that experience.

I activated two old bank cards from US Bank. I didn't think they would work, but thank Jebus they did because that will be the bank I'll use out there.

I love talking to Asleep. I never get tired of hearing his stories or his racists remarks - I never get bored. I get more excited when I talk to him about the move - and the things that will happen afterwards - waking up next to each other, making dinner for each other (I hope he likes toast), going to movies together, going to bed with each other - and all the little things in between. It's those things that make me feel like the luckiest guy.


Katie said...

i burn toast.

do you know who has good toast? the radial cafe. maybe we can go there next week...oh wait. no we can't. :(

Danelle the Photographer said...

we can all meet in our dreams for toast nightly.

Asleep said...

racist remarks?!!! oh yea, that was me. clothing optional gay men's resort?!!! oh yea, it is that kind of resort. All the little things in between?!!! MMMMM!!!!

I cant wait to wake up with you.