game night

A couple weekends ago Katie invited us to game night after a dinner at Zio's. I love me some games so I accepted the invitation. These are the things I will miss about living here. Calling friends up last minute to have dinner at one of my favorite places and shooting the shit. I have learned to not take these moments for granted. I hold them in my heart and in my thoughts.

As a sidenote, Asleep better get ready for some Twister domination. Because I have discovered I am bad-ass at it.

Thank you Katie for the pictures.


Katie said...

i will miss you. i think you're the one friend that i have that is always down for anything at anytime. my partner in crime for all events and occasions.

Asleep said...

bring it on baby.

JLauren said...

You look so TAN!!

And I heart your sweater!!