finding the silver lining

This morning my mom woke me up and told me she was on her way to the hospital because Garrett will be in intensive care for 12 hours and that he has diabetes.

Excuse me? Diabetes? I don’t think so.

I went to visit him this morning and he was sleeping. He looked so little in the bed - with IVs coming from his leg. The first thing that comes to mind is how you wish that was you on the bed instead of him - to take away all the pain and trouble.

Now, he is doing fine and should be able to leave the hospital in two or three days. I can’t thank God enough for that. In the end he will be perfectly fine because he's a super trooper.

Yesterday we celebrated his first birthday, which is actually on January 12th. Future birthdays will be filled with Splenda birthday cakes and vegetable trays. I wish it could be easier for him.


molly said...

sweet baby boy...

Heather said...

We all know life can change in an instant ... I just wish it wouldn't.

Love ya.

Katie said...

poor little guy! he'll be so brave and people will look up to him for his courage, but he'll never know any other kind of life. it's unfair sometimes.