flashback #1: fac

I had a flashback today while talking about...ummm something...with Ashley in the office today. I say something because I can't remember for the life of me what it was. Anyways, I thought of FAC (Fridays After Class) in Iowa City. They were wonderful times full of early afternoon drinking, card games, good cheeseburgers and fries, and a guy with a guitar who sang any songs you wanted.

During one semester I happened to be the first person to arrive at the bar, which would be somewhere around 12:30 p.m. I would get the tables pushed together for the perfect game of Asshole or Fuck You. Many would trail in behind me...Amy, Laura, Mike, Matt, Mary, Ashley, Erin, Chris, Kristen, Rebecca, Alexis, Gail, Tatum, Megan, Kevin, Darcie, Vanessa, Rob, Daver...and the list continues.

Fond memories were made during these Fridays. Such as...

A girl walking around the bar collecting underwear tags. Amy got excited, reached down the back of my pants and ripped out my underwear tag.

Loosing a drinking game and having to chug several beers.

Stacking each cup - it was always fun to see who had the tallest one.

Mary thinking she got frost bite from sitting next to the doors when it was cold outside.

Signing American Pie with the whole bar.

Having a bad day and having a breakdown after beer #9. The nice waitress asked if I was ok and I shook my head no. Ok, maybe this one isn't such a fond memory.

For a couple weeks we played with a stack of cards Amy purchased. They were of nude males.

Mike, Daver and I thinking we were more hungry than just a cheeseburger. We walked to Hillcrest, but before doing so got high somewhere on campus in a forest-like area on some bench. While getting to the cafeteria (Hillcrest had the best cafeteria on campus, it was much like a delicious buffet you would find in Vegas...ok maybe not that good.) we snuck in so we didn't have to pay. I can only recall blurry vision and several trays of food.

This is all I can remember at this time, which I don't think is half-bad since I can barely remember what I did yesterday. I'm sure if I were to go back today it would be a very different experience. I would think the underage drinkers were annoying with their card games or cup stacking, but I would never be so low as to not try and pick it up one more time. I would wait for Nick Stink to pick up his guitar and we would all sing out of key...A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile...


molly said...

all i can think about right now is the time you said "wicked wasted" in front of me...and i almost barfed...only because you sounded like a slutty sorority girl.

Katie said...

ohhhh...that sounds like so much fun. it reminds me of high school and early college years. when there weren't any worries.

uh-oh! i just got a little emo.