i'm no lady
but i feel like
i'm the seated woman
watching it sail by
the wind picks it up
i get swept along
swept to the side
it once was good
but now i'll just sit
and watch
watch it sail away

I think the man is as divine as the woman. But I can only go from my own perspective and own experiences. The masculine divineness is pretty ok. Like in the song 'Parasol'. Here a woman has to fight for her way of life. And it's not about a war against terrorists, but a war against a friend, a lover, or a colleague. He doesn't want to respect the choices she makes, the evolution she goes through or the freedom she seeks. He wants to attack her on every level and tries to put her down. This is the problem she has to deal with.
-Tori Amos - OOR Magazine (Dutch), March 2005

then the Seated Woman
with a Parasol
may be the only one
you can’t betray
if I’m the Seated Woman
with a Parasol
I will be safe
in my frame
I will be safe
in my frame
in your House
in your frame

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alison david said...

hi, im reading yours since you read mine and i now know you have expeptional taste in music. tori and ani. i am impressed :)