This is why I will miss Ashley.

We first met at a party in Iowa City. I was sitting on A washing machine. We soon became roomates.

It was my first time living with someone other than my parents or sister. We got along and never fought. We had routines that were different from each other's. She had lots of make-up scattered around the bathroom sink. I had a freezer full of frozen pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

The times we would eat at the same time would be had on the couch in the living room. I would eat an entire frozen pizza. She would make something on her George Foreman grill. I would go for dessert with the pint of ice cream. She would stare at me and ask, 'Are you really eating that whole thing?!' I would respond 'I already did,' showing her the empty carton.

Thanks for all the good times from dressing up like Mary and Warren for Halloween to FAC's at Bo James where the cups were stacked 10+ high.


Katie said...

I'm going to miss lunches with you two. :(

Ashley said...

Oh Jimbo...I will miss you too. I think about those days, and my makeup wasn't that bad. I'm not a dirty person! I will soon publish our "Something about Mary" picture when I get it scanned. I do remember telling you "Do you know how many calories you just consumer by eating that whole pint of Ben and Jerry's?" Good times. And remember, since you're a model now, watch that B and J intake! HaHa....B and J can mean so many things.

Anonymous said...

When is the going away party?