countdown: six

So the countdown of the move to the west begins. Six days left.

Last night I went with Heather to her water weights class. I asked if it was one of those all-women classes, she told me it wasn't. Besides the two life guards I was the only guy, I was also the youngest person there. But I can't complain because jogging and doing scissor kicks in water was fun. I think I was even sweating some, which is hard to tell when you're in water.

After the workout, we decided we should eat some Zio's.

So on the move, I really don't think it's hit me yet that I am moving and will be living many states away from my family. I haven't felt homesick since I stayed with my aunt in Columbus, Nebraska when I was eight (and it was just for a week) - she also got me hooked on All My Children.

I have packed and sent one box out. I have another waiting - which weighs around 50 pounds (and I can only recall DVDs and a pair of shorts in there).

My mom keeps telling me I need to go to Sprint to fix our plan, so I can stop paying $320 every month. I need to go to the bank and switch things over. I need to get my oil changed. I need to call my insurance for my car. I need to get insurance for myself...One thing at a time please.

I just don't want anyone to worry. I don't worry, so they shouldn't. But maybe it's good that someone does.


Katie said...

whoo! good thing you have thursday and friday off! you have things to do!

Asleep said...

all your children? you didn't tell me you have kids!

Ashley said...

I wanna take a water weights class. That sounds like fun!

I won't worry Jimbo. I know you can take whatever life brings you.

Deep breaths.

molly said...

don't worry...BUT if you feel you are starting to get wrinkles from worrying, i know just the thing and Von Maur does ship for free...maybe i could even slip some DVD's in the box along with the $345 face cream.

Heather said...

For the record, that class COULD be co-ed ... if guys were to show up :)

I don't think it has really hit me yet either ... ok, it totally has.

Hence the worrying!