when jimmy met nancy


After months of commenting back and forth through blogs, I met Nancy.

I've always known of her through Michael and Jamie, and always asked to meet her, but the chance never happened.

Last Wednesday we decided to have dinner at Old Chicago. She said she was nervous and had butterflies in her stomach to meet me. I assured her that there was no need to be nervous because I am one of the biggest dorks you could meet.

She also called me for the first time that Wednesday morning. She said I didn't sound like what she had imagined me as. I asked how. She replied with, 'I thought your voice would sound deeper.'

'Do I sound like a girl?' She said no, that she expected me to sound like Ben Affleck.

I loved her right away. She came in the door and we started rambling back and forth non-stop. We chatted about everything under the sun.

During the conversation, she would ask random questions - which I love. But one threw me for a loop.

'Do you ever wear capes?'

'Capes? Like...a cape?

'Yes, you know, like a superhero.'

'Well, not yet. I could though!'

Laughs were exchanged all through the night. And of course, as always, I ate my pizza, until there was nothing left.

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