peel out the watchword

Tori Amos performs Cornflake Girl on Soundstage

History has recorded some pretty nasty things that have happened to people. I think we remember, I think it’s in our cells and I think it can still hurt sometimes.

Under the Pink songbook


September 13, 1998

so good, so good
so good, girl
that thing she should
be around when I’m
going down
she says, to catch me
to push me, more like it
she would
kind of girl
that kills her husband
and she swears she won’t
and you bet your life it is
you bet your life she is
and you’re sure
she’s gonna change
you swear to Christ she will
swear on your life she will
but she shits you
again and again...

1 comment:

molly said...

never was a cornflake girl...