here's to straight deposits

I got to spend my evening with my ladies from First National Bank. I loved each of them for different things. They all made me laugh and enjoy my job, which was (and still is) very important to me. There were times when we could have killed each other and shoved the body in the vault. But what else is family for?

Nicky, Whit and I. I trained with Nicky - and last night she said how she loved sitting next to me in training because I never balanced my drawer, and neither did she. I hated training. The only time I balanced was the very last test. I'm suprised they still wanted me to work. We also chatted about the night when we were last out. The night everyone got too drunk, and the night Whit got a little on the crazy side. The crazyness resulted in a broken bone in her hand. It was quite entertaining watching her help customers with a huge arm cast. I say, we all have our days.

Me, Nammone, Anthony, and Erin. I don't know Nammone all that well, she she is a fun girl to have a chat with. I can only imagine how much trouble her and Jen get into. Anthony bakes the best desserts. I told him next time he makes something I will come and eat it. On my 'going away food-day party' he made a pineapple upside down cake. I think I ate half of it. And Erin, I do love her. And I love how she told me she actually reads this. She also bought me a beer last night, it was $1 for the 'Ladies Night' at a horrible bar Shag. Thank you for the good times.

Natalie and Jen were also there. I didn't get pictures with them though. Well I did with Natalie, but I chose to leave that one out.

I hope to see them all soon. My crazy side comes out with them, especially if it involves dancing and alcohol.

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JLauren said...

Oh how I DO NOT miss those lovely Green FNBO polos!!