crazy legs

happy birthday to the most fabulous woman i know. my mother, jan, or miss carter lake as she is known by some is turning an age we won't mention (because it is not important).

on sunday we celebrated with a small group of family at my sisters. we gave her a tiffanys butterfly necklace, which she loved.

tonight we went to dinner and ate entirely too much. i may have put myself into a food coma. after dinner we had drinks at the compound. i had to come inside because i sat there sweating - i do enough of that in my car to and from wherever it is that i am traveling.

i do love her and think she is an amazing mom. she does have to put up with me and all, that could drive a sane person crazy. i wish her the best of birthday wishes.


molly said...

this reminds me of the song Butterfly Kisses...which should be banned from all weddings.

anyway...your mom is the greatest. i love when she refuses to say "porn" and instead chooses to spell it out "p-o-r-n"...jesus is always listening!

Jimmy said...

i hope it didn't sound like that song....maybe i will take the ending off? i thought about that for a quick moment. and yes, it should be banned.