until then

do you ever feel in the wrong place at the wrong time?
or could it be the right place at the wrong time?
or so on
why do you meet the people you do?
i believe it's in our maps we meet them
but the lingering question is
why can't you be with that person
when you feel the time is right?
distance plays a key
so do a number of other things
these people might be lovers
in this time
or in anaother
is it unfair?
they both can think so
locked doors
blocked passage ways
circumstances prevent things to continue
to march forward
maybe, if everything falls into place
things can work out for the lovers
if that is what they are meant to be


'you drive me crazy
but in a good way'

'fuck the ocean between us -
why can't we get a pint and be together?'

'because the ocean says so -
or until we have wings'


hey you
gender nectar
crystalline from the vine
you know you’ll drink her

rolling and unrolling
coiling, emerging
running free
running through
the afterworld
into your room

so she prays for a prankster
and lust in the marriage bed
and he waits till she can give
and he waits
and he waits


molly said...

what's gender nectar?

Jimmy said...

well, to me, it's the idea you can drink your lover - all up, till the last drop.

katie said...

Damn time and circumstance!