first london rain, with katie

no weather could be better. i love waking up to rain. having it rain all day. going to bed while it rains. it cleanses. it contributes to growing. it's sexual. the smell. the feel. the green.


It would always happen, near Eppley. I would turn to Danelle and say, 'I love this weather.'
She would smile, and say, 'I know, you said that yesterday when it was raining.'


he don't show much these days
it gets so fucking cold
i loved his secret places
but i don't go anymore
"you change like sygar cane"
says my northern lad
i guess you go too far
when pianos try to be guitars

i feel the west in you
but i feel it falling apart too
don't say that you don't

and if you could see me now
said if you could see me now
girls you've got to know
when it's time to turn the page
when you're only wet because of the rain
because of the rain
because of the rain


Katie said...

I love this photo sooo much! And I love the rain! I have to tell you, it absolutely poured Saturday night (Sunday morning at about 2:00 am) and I danced in the street in my little plaid, buttoned dress from H&M! And I made out with a certain someone until we were absolutely soaked. It was really really perfect! :) This blog made my day!

molly said...

oh that dress...my favorite!

Danelle the Photographer said...

me too. good buy...both of you. i secretly got my discount on the brolly for jimbo too!!

Katie said...

thanks ladies! Now for a bummer rain story...it rained last night and i loved everything about it until my window above my bed started to leak:( But I'm gonna blame that on poor window installation and not the rain.

Jimmy said...

maybe greg was peeing on your head?

molly said...

i can honestly say i would let greg pee on my head...

Katie said...

Eewww! He wasn't there that night, so he definitely wasn't peeing on my head! BUT we did enjoy a nice hot shower after the nice cold rain. its no pee, but whatever.