my vision was blurred
for i was behind my mask
i couldn't see you
wearing your mask

see, everyone has masks
some they wear more than others
a mask to look sexy
a mask to hide behind
a mask to make people
crawl through glass
cutting up their knees

one mask
one that fools
the friend mask
comes in many colors

---the shape of hugs
letting your guard down
that mask is tricky at times---

the word 'friend' is tricky, too
who is a friend?
is there a list of sorts?
do they have to apply inside?
or it is written in the earth
in the sky

why couldn't i read the sky
when i found out
what happened behind your mask
something a friend would never do

i'm not one to make you bleed dry
for the crimes you've done
it's not my style, i have better things to do

so things change
we change masks
one you will never understand

it used to be friends
but then again, maybe that too
was a mask

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