so you're a funny guy?

I read a message from Gina about watching her new video on youtube. She mentioned how she wanted to be on the phone while I watched.

So I did.

And I screamed. (You can notice in the video she mentions 'Jimmys' gonna crap his pants.')

Gina knows my history with clowns. She knows how terrified I am on them. How I get emotional and upset when they are around me, or if I see them on TV. Many of my clown moments have been with her. There is a scene in Scary Movie 2 when there is a clown. It should be funny right? Hell no my friends. I started getting teary-eyed, covered my face and plugged my ears. Not funny at all.

Another moment was in my room at the old house. She had sent me pictures from Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night - pictures of SCARY clowns. I was going to post pictures of them, but got too nervous and anxious when googling them. Anyways, one night, she found the pictures she sent me and hid them throughout my room. I didn't find them for a day (only because I had no idea she had hid anything). The first one I find was under my pillow when I was trying to fall asleep, which gave me nightmares. The next morning I woke up, got ready and put my shoes on, only to find a clown picture was hiding in my New Balances. I would find several as the week went on. She apologized because I really didn't like it or think it was funny. We can laugh now, but it still makes my heart jump.

I am going to end this now, only because I'm getting upset by talking about clowns.


Heather B said...

Gosh, I sound like a bad friend don't I?

I swear the picture hiding was all in good fun ... plus lets not forget you have punished me in certain ways, like making me listen to countless hours of gangsta rap, making me watch Jurassic Park a million times and of course let's not forget the photo of you I had to destroy because of the frosted tips you thought were fetching at the time!

Consider us even ;)

Jimmy said...


Although, you do have one picture I want...and I think you know what I am talking about!!!

Jeff Keesee said...

Dunno about the scary clown part, but I do wanna know where this "Tribute to Epilepsy" puppet show is taking place...I mean, organ music makes me quiver just as much as the next guy, but come on! What are these dolls supposed to be doing? The Tourettes Polka?

It reminded me a little bit of the puppet subjugation/mistreatment at the beginning of the factory tour in "Willy Wonka"...it did not end well for those poor little guys, either...