ghosts and spooks
and maybe you
maybe you
something for me to do, i said
ghosts and spooks
and maybe you
maybe you are
trick-or-treating me
maybe you, i said
maybe you
can take this
out of my head, i said
maybe you
maybe you
gives me something to do

This was a Tori concert back in 2001 during the Strange Little Tour. This is one of my favorite b-sides of hers...


bachelorette you climb on rooftops and you bachelorette
you can turn dust into champagne
you even remembered his name

bachelorette, the braves you painted pink for bachelorettes
you tried to show him that he can
but you can never rush a man

you must remember
you're a car girl
you're a star girl
you are at the door
the tide will turn
there's a window

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