birthday boy

happy birthday
to you
happy birthday
to you
happy birthday
happy birthday
to you

...and many moooooore. (sorry this is a couple days late)

I hope you had a good birthday, it looks as though you did.

Another birthday, today, would be my dad's. I know he is somwhere, watching the television, with his feet kicked up, enjoying a good coffee. He would have had his favorite meal and it would have had lots of hot sauce on it. We would have had a party for him, and not really know what to get him - because he had everything. Ellerie and Gavin would have drawn him a picture or created something with glue. My sister and I would have gone in together on something - maybe dinner, maybe a tool (because Lord knows the man needed another one).

It would have been good times. But I am sure he is somewhere, having good times. With his brother, mom and dad. With past friends, bullshitting, playing jokes on one another. But, anyways, happy birthday.


Katie said...

a very happy birthday to him =)

mo said...

although the only opportunity i get is to know him is through you, i am honored and grateful for that very experience. happy belated and thanks for donation to bringing jimmy here.

Heather B said...

When I think of your Dad, I think of us watching TV in your little family room while he sat and watched from the kitchen table.

Happy Birthday Denny, wherever you are :)

Asleep said...
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Asleep said...

thanks everyone... especially you jimmy... kiss... i miss you.

molly said...

i like the oil changing story...i wish you would blog about it...or designing women...think how many laughs we get about that. i can't even say the name Charlene without a chuckle.

i love that you and your father share the same idea of a good time/birthday...minus the hot sauce. I can just hear you now, "OHHH GIRL! MY LIPS ARE BURNING OFF...WHERE'S MY BURT'S BEES???"

lesa said...


Happy Birthday to your dad! When you lose them it really does leave a void. I am glad you have fond memories of the birthdays and such that you were able to share with him.

Ellerie's best friends mom
(we met at pre-school)