‘Circles,’ I said. ‘I feel like I’m in circle again.’

We were there, in Paris. Isn’t this the city of love? It was bragged up to be so, but the feeling at this moment was quite opposite. Things were slipping. We seemed to be slipping.

I wish I was as strong as the Tower. I could withstand anything. Anything except this.

I can’t remember things that were said between us. They too slipped away. As did our time there, in the city of love.

What I do remember is leaving. Circling down the staircase. Leaving it all.

I left us in Paris. I left the circles.

Staircase courtesy of


Katie said...

You left US atop the eiffel tower??? Jimmy! Our love! Our dreams! You left them?

Hugs for you.

Everything started rolling for me on the eiffel tower. It came crashing down on my couch.

Jimmy said...

not you guys :)
i could never leave you.

molly said...

girl...i leave for a few days and you've maybe bumped your head...or injested something...i'm not sure.

Jeff Keesee said...

...and now for the rest of the story...

I took that pic looking down the stairwell outside my ex's apartment on my first trip back to Paris after the summer we dated.

As I climbed up the steps, I couldn't banish from my head thoughts of us getting get back together...I didn't know how or why we would, with the whole Atlantic Ocean between us, but "how" and "why" are never part of a wish.

This picture was taken as I went back down...alone...my head empty of those thoughts...spinning...

...in circles.

molly said...

love it jeff...listen to jeff...learn from jeff