Saturday night was spent at the Max with OBI friends.

I was a mummy if anyone had a question. A woman stopped me and asked me what I was. 'A mummy.'

'What? Underwear boy?'

'Does your underwear look like this?'

I didn't think so. And the man at Little Kings thought I was Sandman. I don't see that either. Maybe I wasn't a great mummy, but I thought so!

We will be at Max again, on Tuesday...what should I be this time?


Katie said...

You were the best mummy I ever saw and don't let anyone tell you differently!

Jeff Keesee said...

Let's see...leather pants, leather vest, big boots, whip, cigar, a little grey in the hair...cuz now that you've been a mummy...you need to try being a daddy.


Danelle the Photographer said...

how about grapes? green turtle neck with green tights and purple balloons everywhere!!