Sometimes words can't be found for the thoughts that are pouring out. So, songs guide us through these lost words. They get you through certain times. A lot of times they take on different meanings after an event. This one took on a different one for me...about the end of an era, or relationship.

In the past, I have been passive aggressive. It wasn't the best trait I've carried around with me. Leaves were turned several times, but nothing - back to the old. Recently, a new leaf was turned - and it remained on the new side. This also makes me think of the end of my passive aggressive era. Goodbye.

Thank you Jeff for your leaf.

I cried and
I washed my tears
that turned into diamond
into ice
and if it could freeze
My heart wouldn’t float away

There we
There we go again
Breaking porcelain
Is that all I am
just a Doll you got used to
We’ve done
We’ve done this before
as Mars sauntered through his door
Don’t say it’s time to say
Goodbye to Pisces
Goodbye to Pisces
Goodbye my Pisces


nancy said...


Katie said...

here's to the many leaves that are yet to be turned over in our lives...and knowing that we are too good to settle for a leaf that is less than perfect.

good lunch :)

molly said...

i can no longer say pisces the right way...now it is always pie c's...damn it!

Heather B said...

I am so proud of you.

That is all :)

Oh, and I agree with Katie - good lunch!