i heart apples

Babe called me on Sunday morning and suggested we head down to Nebraska City for some apple cider. I agreed and gave Gina a ring to join us. My love for apple cider runs deep like the roots of an apple tree. It's delicious and is a million times better than apple juice.

We paid $6 for the Arbor Day trail and a free tree (not so free?). Along the trail we found a 50 foot tree house. It wasn't very exciting. It actually read that it was over 1,000 feet when we reached the top. This didn't make sense to me, or anyone else. Maybe the boy/girl (we shall call him/her Pat) with the bowl cut would know what the deal was?

Half way through our trail, we came upon a log you could crawl through. When I say 'you,' i mean children. but I thought I'd give it a go. I kinda sorta got stuck for a bit and the children behind me don't find it too amusing, they looked a little pissed actually. Oh well, big kids can have fun too.

This is the apple sample lady. I don't recall her name. But she was good as gold. We told her we were on vacation and wanted to get lots of pictures.

FREE TREES! What could be better? Maybe free cider. This was a green house for trees, I guess. There were a lot of bugs in there, so we didn't stay long.

At the end of our trip, we stopped in to purchase apple cider and apples. Gina has 'problems' with drinking apple juice, so she was nervous to try the cider. She ended up loving it. I have yet to hear the end results. I assumeit went smoothly since I didn't get a call saying how she can't drink cider anymore.

More pictures of our trip to Arbor Day Farm here.


Katie said...

such an "autumn" thing to do. it looks divine!

nancy said...

you should have made a video of yourself going in the log.

Asleep said...

i want a tree.

JLauren said...

What a GREAT time that was!!

"The best time to plant that 'free tree' was 10 years ago you know! :)

JLauren said...

ps: my girls look BIG in the video...if that were only true in real life ;)