snow cherries from france

There are some songs or poems that I wish i would have - because they speak so close to the heart. This can go for anyone, because many people can relate these things to them. One of the songs that I wish I had written before anyone was Snow Cherries From France.

This reminds me of a past love. One of those, 'is this too good to be true?' And, it kinda was in some ways. It existed in my head, probably in real life. We never left the house, but we learned so much. You give your hand (in a verbal sense), and then what...there is a time of long pause...and nothing - or will it be something? We never wanted it to end. In some ways in never did, but then again, do they ever really end? But then it always seems to go away. Ripple. And come back in waves.

It's a love story...and this woman agrees to go on this adventure with this man. Even though, I think, deep down she knows that eventually he's going to go - because that's what he does - she offers her hand, after a fashion, and he offers her snow cherries from France, which sound delicious, but don't exist.
Tori Amos
BBC 6, Tom Robinson - December 2003


i knew a boy who would
not share his bike
oh, but he let me go sailing
i swore that i
could survive any storm
oh then he let me go

"can you launch rockets from here?"
boy, i've done it for years
right over my head
and when i promised my hand
he promised me back
snow cherries from france
all that summer
we traveled the world
never leaving his own back garden
girls, i didn't know
just what it could be
oh, but he let me go sailing

you question me,
"can you ride anything?"
lord, do you mean like your mood swings
invaders and traders with
the best intentions
may convince you to go
"they look like pirates from here"
boy, i've been one for years
just keeping my head
and when i promised my hand
you promised me back
snow cherries from france

and then one day he said
"girl it's been nice,
oh, but i have to go sailing"
with cinnamon lips
that did not match his eyes
oh then he let me go

Thank you Jeff for your snow.

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