case of the fake people

assholes are cheap today
cheaper than yesterday
small ones are half a crown
sitting up or lying down

I am usually not a cruel and bitter person, but some things/people can set me off. Within the past three or so months, my friends and I have been acquainted to new ‘friends.’ Some of them were good people and the others not so much. One that bothers me is someone that I had thought was a good-hearted person.

This person (let’s call them P) is not from here, they are from another country. Sometimes communication would be difficult when P would say something offensive – but didn’t mean it in that sense – we would forgive, no problem. They had high standards for friends and potential lovers to be ‘cultured and sophisticated.’ I was always confused by this. Everyone is cultured in some sense, whether they are white trash or world travelers. And sophistication comes in all forms.

My thinking – you can be from another country and think of yourself as both cultured and sophisticated – but to many people you are actually quite the opposite. Cultured is so vast – I am in several cultures – American, Gay, Male, Irish, College Student, the list is enormous. P would often refer to someone as uncultured and would give them a look of distaste. On that note, P is one of the most ignorant people I know. Here is why…
-Behind me and my friend’s back she would talk about how she needs to stop hanging out with us because people will start talking shit about them. P said this because me and some of my friends happen to be gay. I guess gay people make others look horrible in a social setting and it can lead to shit talking of people in a certain community.
-P also discussed how all gay people cheat on their partners and aren’t loyal to them. I don’t know if I really have a comment on this one, because it just makes me laugh. People who make these comments are as dense as a brick wall.

These are just a couple things that have come from their mouth. Not to our face of course, because someone who is cultured and sophisticated would never do such a thing. But they will talk shit about you behind your back, all while smiling at your face.


Barons of Suburbia
take another piece of my
good graces
I’m in my war
you’re in yours
do we fight for peace
as they take another piece of us

It was a slight miscalculation
that my friends
my friends would be waiting
on the other side of the bridge
on the other side of this
this mole hill of a mountain
this potion
now a poison
they’re on the other side
of right
we’re on the other side
of her

When it’s all said and done
we will lose a piece
to a carnivorous vegetarian
Barons of suburbia
I have heard you pray
before you devour her

I am piecing a potion
To combat your poison

Tori Amos
Barons of Suburbia


Danelle the Photographer said...

you tell p.

Katie said...

f u p!

Bryan said...



I hear you loud and clear. Ultimately, some friendships just aren't worth the time and frustration. Sad, but true nonetheless.

nancy said...

this post makes me want to p p on p.

Asleep said...

Can we please change his name to Ernesto, or Sigifredo? How about Gilberto or Rodolpho? P makes me think of, well... pee.

Jimmy said...

p is not a boy.