where's my bed?

Last night Dennis, Rich and Alli went to Baby Blue yesterday after work to take advantage of their happy hour. I loved me some $5 Sammy Davis Jr's and some Crunch Blue. I must say Baby Blue is much better than Blue in the sense they actually wait on you instead of ignore every customer. They're still slow as donkeys, but at least they were nice and kept bringing me beverages.

Afterwards we all went back to our place to show Lucy off. We had some Sterling Syrah which I received as my red wine in the month of August. It was good, but not my favorite. Alli and I had a chugging contest with Busch Light. I obviously won. Then we thought it was a great idea to go to Senior Matias for their happy hour of margaritas and tacos. I hit my tired wall around midnight.

When we got home we arrived to a giant poo from Lucy. When Dennis tried to get Kora outside she peed in the house. It seemed like everyone was having accidents. Thank the lord I held it all in.

6 a.m. rolled around. I thought I was half dead. What is this? I never have hangovers! I wanted to stay in bed until noon. I wanted to skip work and not come in until next month. But I was a trooper and came in. I was too lazy to make coffee, but I did walk down to get breakfast: bacon, biscuits and gravy and hash browns. The perfect remedy to curing a hang over. Now, I still need sleep, but at least I don't feel like balls anymore!

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Katie said...

How come everyone's having sushi except me?!? And how come everyone is pooping and peeing on the floor except me?!? I'm always the last one in the loop.