water works

So I was just in the men's restroom at the urinal when a man came to use the toilet next to me. He was one of those flush while you piss kinda guys. I don't understand that, why flush while peeing? It doesn't make sense because you end of flushing twice.

Another thing I don't get is when a guy talks to you while you're standing there peeing. I don't want to talk to you, especially while I'm releasing myself.

Then you move onto the stall etiquette. You have the guys who rip ass when there's multiple people in there. Or some guys who drop bombs when there's a number of people in there. For me, if the emergency arises where I need to use the stall to do business, I only make moves when the coast is clear, when no one is in there.

I wonder if the women's restroom is the same? Do they follow different rules then the men's room does?


Katie said...

There is a lot of farting that goes on in the ladies' room. Lots. More than you'd think.

Name: Geeba Monkey said...

Some guys (not me) talk as an excuse to look in your direction, so they can check you out, and I think some flush while peeing because the sound of waters triggers their bladder to un-clench. Or was this strictly a rheorical question?