If any of you know me, know me, you know that I have a deep-seated love for apple cider. My love takes me down an hour south to Nebrsaka City to visit the Arbor Day Farm's apple orchard in the fall. Today, my love for it took me to Whole Foods. Actually, I just went to whole foods to eat gilato and discovered they had a new flavor, Apple Cider Chadonnay Sorbet! It tastes just like apple cider and I could eat a gallon of it a day! But wait, I have to start being a model this week, so bring on the eating disorder!


Heather B said...

so yeah, when are we going to Neb City already?!?!?!

Katie said...

I've never had gilato. :(

Danelle The PR Girl... said...

gilato is glorious.
we must eat it together sometime guys.
i heart whole foods gilato!