introducing...our new pony

Meet Lucy. She's a year and a half years old and 100 pounds. She isn't done growing quite yet, so she will get a tad bit larger. She is so sweet. She loves to cuddle, play tug-of-war, drool, sleep, and play in the yard. Really, she's just a huge stuffed animal and I could squishy-squishy her face all day long. We plan on buying saddles and riding her to work to save on gas. She likes to sleep in our bed too. Dennis claims she sneaks on the bed in the middle of the night. She doesn't wake me up, so she must move as quiet as a little mouse.

A little update with Kora - We have been working with No Pets Left Behind to find her a good home. One of mostly women and a quiet surrounding. If you know anyone who would be interested - give me a call at 402.212.2013. We would love to keep her, but she is just a bit too scared to stay with us. Please let me know if you know someone who would be interested.

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Katie said...

Lucy is so cute! Maybe you could keep Kora and Lucy and they'll become best friends and Kora won't be scared anymore!