trees and a piano

With the recent move of Dennis' mother, I have started plans on turning the piano room into the piano/tree room. It makes me one happy lad to be able to do a room with all trees! Yesterday I bought three tree painting's from Brian's sister, Michelle. They are rad. Then, while at dinner last night, Chris, our friend Kelly's boyfriend, said he would be more than happy to do the framing for the paintings. I will post the photos of them when everything is complete. I'm excited what he has in mind for them - he does it all from scratch.

Since we're on the topic of the piano room, my lessons have become non-existent. I enjoy playing the two tori songs I know. When I say play them, I mean I know a few bars of the songs - not the complete piece. I must and will get back into lessons! Maybe the trees will inspire me.

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Katie said...

Oh my god Jimmy. You need to come to the gallery show on Oct. 3. There are some glass pieces that look treeish and one with a tree sandblasted on it. I'm sending you a photo right now.