i do

Just a heads up to anyone who cares - I will be taking part in a bridal show on September 20th. When and where this shindig takes place is beyond me, so I will keep you updated. All I know is I'm wearing a tux.

On other news similar to this, I have signed a contract with Hoffman Modeling Agency. They asked that I take the professional course so that I'm not a complete idiot on sets/runways. That's another thing - they want me to do runway. Have they seen my walk? It's similar to that of a penguins. I blame that all on wiffle ball!


Danelle The PR Girl... said...

you can practice walking dont worry...you got the look and thats all that matters! hehe.

Katie said...

That's awesome! Didn't I always tell you you should model professionally? Congrats!

You know, the penguin walk could work in your favor. After all...you will be in a tux!

Heather B said...

Congrats Bina, Im glad the world will now get to enjoy your beauty as we all have.

And PS - you are right, I could spot you walking from across the ocean!