where the snow falls

My last Tori show. I love Denver. I was last there over six years ago. I stayed with Josh and he wanted me to see every inch of Denver in my short time. He did a very good job at it, because I am completely drained of energy. I don't know how people can party so much.

As for the meet and greet, it was really nice. Tori saw me and got excited and gave me a bear hug. I find it amazing she remembers me (but really, who could forget this mug?!). I requested Drive All Night, but it didn't come. What she did play was Not David Bowie - I asked her to play it in Denver because it'd be my last show. It was a very good show. It was pretty mellow, but still rocking. She told a story about how Tash, her seven-year-old asked what it meant to be bisexual. She said, 'Well, you know how we have people on tour that our vegetarians. And how we have people who eat meat. Well, a bisexual is something who likes both and can't make up their mind!' Tash replied with, 'Maybe they're just really hungry.'

I wanted to stay longer, but time said no. So long mountains...and Tori.

Alysa and Josh with me and my new bff.


Downtown Denver.

Downtown Denver with the clock tower in the background...so purdy.


Katie said...

I love Denver. Let's move there.

Jimmy said...