marine wedding

Last night was my friend Chad's wedding. I grew up with him since we were knee high to a pig;s eye. We've lost contact after graduating high school and the last time i saw him was my dad's funeral. I am never one to get emotional at weddings, but this one I was. His brother, also the best man, gave his toast and talked about the war. I think this is where it tugged on my heart strings. Chad did one tour in Iraq. When he got back, they sent him back for a second. The idea behind the toast was that he met Andrea and she said she would wait for him. Simple, yes, but it made me a little teary eyed.

I was pumped to see Chad - it had been almost six years. I ran up to him and got "Holy shit! Jimmy Ferrin!" Then he gave me a bear hug. I told him I wanted to join the Marines so I could wear a uniform like his. He also told me I got tall, but he is taller than I.

While sitting at the table I thought of the trouble we'd get into at school. We sat next to each other in Mr. French's english class and Chad would always get in trouble and the teacher would move him. It's so cool to see someone you know grow up to be such an outstanding person. The goof ball, class clown kind of guy was the last I picture joining the military and fighting for our country. Thank you Chad!

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JLauren said...

OMG!! Look how happy he is!!
He would always get in trouble in Mr. Andersen's class in 5th grade too!!