house of collectibles

Tonight Amy, Erin and I went to House of Collectibles. What is this you ask? Well, as first described to me by Amy, it's a store in this woman's basement who sells expensive items, such as glass, candles, Vera Bradly, and so on. Tonight was my first experience, and let's say it wasn't half bad. I did spend more than I had thought I would, but I got someone a VERY nice present out of the deal. I got my chocolate candle (the most delicious scent known to man), a caramel candle, and this rad metal tree thing that holds tea lights. It was a little odd being in a basement with all sorts of knickknacks and a woman thinking my tattoo was that of an eagle. I forgot to sample the free cookies - sad for me, good for my love handles. I will most likely make a trip back when my chocolate candle burns out.

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