santa brought christmas early

I had a feeling Omaha's show was going to be really good. I got to do one more VIP meet and greet. She sound checked Parasol and Spark. Both VIP experiences went pretty good. You could hear her sound check (while waiting to go in to see her) Bug A Martini at least six times, She's Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl.

The meet and greet went pretty fast, not many people spent time with her. It was nice to know she remembered my name. This time I was not as nervous. I asked for Not David Bowie (for Denver, because I know she is practicing) and Drive All Night (I love, love this song). She told my friend Mollie and I that she doesn't read gossip magazines or web sites because she has to stay clear. Because you can't associate yourself with that; you can't associate art with that. She turns to Neil for creative advice - bouncing ideas off each other. He can tell her if something might come out in a wrong way, or a way that wasn't intended.

Santa's set was rad. During Bug A Martini she poured the boys drinks with a shaker and even came into the crowd to give the sound guys a drink. Every song in this set was amazing. Secret Spell sounded different tonight too.

Tori's set was really good too. Space Dog's intro was beautiful and slowed down. During Father Lucifer she sang the second verse twice and had the Steve McQueen ending. Lust was gorgeous as was the improv followed by Spring Haze.

I was hoping for Drive All Night during T and Bo, but we got Peeping Tommi (sorry Robert, yay for us). BEAUTIFUL! You need to buy the boot just for this alone. I would have loved Toast after this, but Leather is fun. It is actually my first time hearing this out of all my Tori shows.

Digital Ghost is lovely. Code Red was, as always, rockin'. We rushed the stage, which I'm surprised the venue Nazis didn't stop us. Since they would freak out on you if you even got your cell phone out. So this means no photos or videos. They were fuck heads with the whole thing. But Precious, Tear and Jupiter were on key too. She was smiling during the last songs and in a very good mood.

Thank you for a sweet ass show, Tori. Come back any time you want.

I had the Little Earthquakes flat signed in Lawrence. What she wrote is a reference to the Me and A Gun you tube video.

During the meet and greet she asked what I did in Omaha. Did I tell her about our awesome music scene (Saddle Creek) or other entertaining things to do here? No. I told her we like to eat a lot. She laughed. And said, 'No, what do you do?' I told her I worked at a bank but I am still searching for my path. I'm very far off it and have no clue what to do. I have a feeling this is a reference to what I told her. She is a wonderful woman and I believe actually cares about her fans. I never doubted it, but it definitely shined through these last two days. She put this boy in heaven!


Michael said...

Thanks for the experience.

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Jimmy! I'd love to interview you about your VIP experiences for the winter issue of "Little Blue World." Please e-mail me at Renee AT FinishedPages.com if you're willing!

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Aw...what a wonderful experience!

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Hi Jimmy,

Was nice to meet you at the show. I have a review of the Lawrence show up at my blog: