i need more patches

Last night was Halloween, obviously. I hurried home from work but missed the kids before they left to trick or treat. When they came home they were beat. Gavin was telling Todd that he didn't think he could get anymore candy because his bucket was full. What this really meant was that he was tired and wanted to go home.

Dawn and Todd got Garrett to say 'ARRR' like a pirate. He was so cute. I tried to teach him to say 'ARRR' and give the pirate hook, but he never caught on.

Ellerie was a ghost. I think she kind of looks like a weird Asian boy in this picture, but she was very cute.

Gavin was Venom (NOT Spiderman!). I taught him his web comes from the wrists and not the hand. Dawn told him this same thing, but he listened to me. Maybe because I am the greatest uncle ever.

I thought this was one of the best costumes of the night. I don't know MySpace page's name but he was happy to pose.

Sean was a good looking super hero, of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Dawn said she was casting a spell on my penis. I told her not to!

Brian came in town to visit his parents. Funny how I'll see him in just two days again in Chicago.

I loved Storm. At first I thought it was a real girl, but upon closer inspection it was definitely a boy. Still, his costume was bangin.

Matty was not a robot, and he should have been. He went as a California burn victim. He and Brad won first place. I told him that was bad.

I went as a boy scout. I spent too much money on something I'll wear only once. Unless some fella has a weird fetish of boy scouts, then I can pull it out for another go. Or maybe I could enroll in Boy Scouts. I did it once, well, I was a cub scout, which is basically the same. I don't think I could ever tie a knot. Or sleep a tent without complaining. I did want a lot of patches, or badges, I don't know what they call them. Maybe I'll work on getting some, so I can come back as a better boy scout next year.

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Katie said...

Your nephews and niece are so cute!

And of course you are too!