and so it starts

It started. Well, for me it started - Tori's American Doll Posse tour. I flew to Chicago Saturday evening to catch up with a few friends. I was so pumped - I hadn't seen Tori since Chicago on the Original Sinsuality tour.

The first show at the Auditorium was beautiful. Brian and Alex came with me. At first I had to drag Alex, but I knew he was going to love it. We had really good seats for it being in the balcony. It was directly in the center of the first balcony, just a couple rows back.

The highlights for the first Chicago show were...

Santa's entire set - even Secret Spell. It's so much better that the album version.
Body and Soul - it's just so sexy.
Raspberry Swirl was very nice. It's good to see she keeps her dance moves around.

Everyone Knows the Trouble I've Seen Improv - tnskiper

"Everyone knows the trouble I've seen" improv - it lasted a good three minutes.
I know, I know - not many care for China or Cooling. But tonight was much different. It was the most beautiful versions of the two I have heard. The addition of the 'brambles' on Cooling defiantly steps it up a notch.

I was a little sad to see only one encore. But I knew the next evening would be amazing.

The next night's show was at the Vic. It was quite cozy and filthy - if it can be both. I felt bad for making Brian stand through the entire show while he was sick - but I had pretty good seats (by seats I mean standing position being about 10 feet away from stage).


Pip came out and rocked everyone's faces off. Her entire set was bad ass. It's such raw emotion and energy. Me and A Gun was intense. She killed it for it being the first time with the band. My heart kinda stopped after she pulled the knife and was dragging it all over her body. Her hair sticking to her sweaty neck and chest.

Me and A Gun

Tori's set was also amazing. I love, love, love Liquid Diamonds. I love the new jazz feel she added to it. Her solo set was beautiful. Winter always makes me think of my dad, so it hit the heart strings a bit. After the song when the lights dimmed you could see Tori wiping tears from her eyes. She was afraid of 'fucking up' Happy Phantom so she waved for everyone to sing along.

Digital Ghost was lovely, it makes me think of a certain someone. The closing of Jupiter was phenominal. I could hear it every show and never get tired of it. You know it's good when spit is pouring from her mouth. So hot.

Out of the two shows I would have to say the one at the Vic had more energy. Maybe it was because I was so close. Maybe it was the intense songs from Pip's set. Who knows. I'm just so happy I got to be apart of it.

This is Alex. Isn't he dreamy?

For all the photos I took at the second show, go here.

And, for a fun fact, if you'd like to call it that, the video of Me and A Gun has been viewed 52,538 times on youtube, making it the #3 most viewed music video for the day and the #22 profile viewed. Go me!

Now, onto Lawrence, Omaha and Denver shows...


A/D said...

Carmel Apples.

Katie said...

Even Perez posted it! I couldn't believe it when I clicked on that video and a minute in I heard your familiar, "Yeeeeaaahh!" I knew right then whose video it was.