Last night, after I got home from Amy's and checked my email, I heard what sounded like a train outside my window. I look outside to see the wind pushing trees right to left, back to front. I was hoping it would storm! Well, I never wake up for storms, but I did wake up to this outside my kitchen window. It was a little too windy for a tree to the north of us. Rest in peace branch.

As a sidenote of yesterday, Amy and I were at the pool. I have a suspicion wasps have built a nest in the pool basketball thing because there were several swarming around it. They were also swarming around me, I don't care too much for them. I was anxious all pool time. So nervous that one would sting me, I would often run from them and flip off my raft when one would approach or come too near. At one point I thought one was on me, and I flipped off my raft, when I did so I got a knot the size of Montana in my calf. It hurt so bad! Next time I go to the pool, I'm bringing my Raid!


Katie said...

Darn wind! Our neighbors across the street had a big branch down too. I didn't even know it stormed!

Danelle The Activities Director said...

i felt a storm a coming...
so i quit my job!
anyone want to go to my pool?
its wasp free.