holy storm batman!

Last night's strong winds seemed to prove too much for some of the trees around my house. The neighbor's tree snapped in two and covered most of the street. One branch seemed to find its way across the street and into the roof of our garage and a small twig into my sister's camper. They say there were no tornadoes, but there must have been more than strong winds through my yard. When I got home from watching Dawson's, it looked like a war took place on 7th Street.

This morning there was cedar on my hands. Hauling and dragging broken branches to the curb. Damaged: hole in roof of house and garage, ripped up fences, the top of a tree, the slide off the kid's swing set, and their trampoline, which, if not stopped by our fence could probably be found at the bottom of the lake.


Danelle The Girl... said...

hot dang.
your poor trees.
you need to wrap them all up in bubble wrap next time...

Katie said...

That one was a doozie.