little earthquakes

My eye twitches sometimes. I was surrounded by the thoughts I smash. They decided I would be a good dinner. I decided I wanted 3 bridges in this song.

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes Songbook

There is something really wonderful about this song. Not for the fact the man in the song and her have fights that can tear what they have apart - but for the way the words describe their relationship. Because really, how many times have little earthquakes ripped us in two?

and i hate elevator music
the way we fight
the way i'm left here silent

and i hate disintegration
watching us wither
black winged roses
that safely changed their COLOR

oh these little earthquakes
here we go again
these little earthquakes
doesn't take much to
rip us into pieces

i can't reach you
can't reach you
give me life
give me pain
give me myself again

Below are two versions. Tori's and a guitar man, Julean Rai.

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