putting the damage on

This song always makes me think back to a few years ago, to the first boy I fell in love with. It was one of those things you knew you wanted it to work out, but in the end, it could never really be that way. Even though we both said it would be forever, our forever only last about a year. And this song makes me think of him, and the mountains, and the love that was so much, so big, in such a little amount of time.


don’t make me scratch on your door
I never left you
for a Banjo
I only just turned around for a poodle
and a corvette
and my impression
of my best Angie Dickenson
but now I’ve got to worry
cause boy you still look pretty
when you’re putting the damage on


Um, this I started writing in Australia. Um, during the end of the tour. And I couldn't finish it. This is one of those ones that, she just came and I had to like, keep getting to know her, every day, a little bit more. She would come and visit me every day, but sometimes no music would come. I mean, I'd just take a walk with her, I would sit around with her, I'd see movies with her, and she forced me to see things from a different perspective. And that's how I finally understood, "oh my god, that's the only way that I can write this, if I start seeing him as beautiful. That he's beautiful after all that happened. He's still beautiful, even after no matter what he does." Now that can say a lot about me, or that can say a lot about him.

Tori Amos
WHFS Just Passin' Through - February 12, 1996

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