Five years ago was never forgotten, but I do think it slips our minds from time to time. All of us know what we were doing that day, how we heard it and so on. I remember my dad waking me up that morning and telling me that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. We stared at the TV, thinking what the hell is going on?

I remember the drive to school. I remember going to my first class and that being the only thing we talked about. I remember walking out of class, past Eppley, to the student center, and seeing every single person on their phone, talking about what happened.

The world stopped that day. And the weeks that followed went slow - for us here anyway. I'm sure you all can recall trying to find something that wasn't news on TV. One thing I was glad was back on the air were the late night talk shows. David Letterman had one show prior to the video above. Tori was the first performer to sing after the attacks and she played Tom Wait's Time - which seemed to fit well.


I Can't See New York

From here
crystal meth
metres of millions
the end
all we have,
soul blueprint.
did we get
lost in it
do we
conduct a
for this

"from the other
from the other
what do they mean side of
what things...

and you said
and you did
and you said
you would find me
here and you said that you would
find me even in Death
and you said
and you said
You'd find me

I can't see New York
as I'm circling down
through white cloud
falling out
I know your lips
are warm
but I can't seem
to find my way
my way out
of your hunting ground

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