pirate princess

Danelle's birthday was this past week. To celebrate we went to Naughty. I went once before, and swore to never go back - but I did this one time for her. I too follow Mollie's rules for this sorta thing. But we can bend them from time to time.

A man from Omaha Night Life told Mollie to 'take a picture with the guy she was eyeing from across the room.' We both laughed.

Shaking our pirate booty.

A Jimmy sandwhich with Kristin and Meredith buns.

I do love a pole dance or two.

There were girls there who called themselves the Omaha Calendar Girls. They thought that wearing two pairs of underwear was ok. That is only ok if you are Christina Aguilera and are in the Dirrty video.


Danelle the Photographer said...

go back to whore island you dirty pirate hookers

molly said...

HA! I told the photographer that I wasn't "making eyes" w/ you...that is my "where the eff are we???" look...

Katie said...

i too love a good pole dance jimbo. completely understandable.