exit 75

it's raining
and chilly out
which i like

what i don't like is thinking
about old loves

why can't the rain just put them out?

I think as you're getting married, all the loves, even 10-minute loves are popping up. Hotel was really like feeling like an agent - a spy - in that he was the greatest guy at one time and they were giving me time behind enemy lines. Even though she knows they can't be lovers because it's a whole other life, she just can't let him go.

Tori Amos
Alternative Press - July 1998


i have to learn to let you crash down
i have to learn to let you crash

met 'em in a hotel
met 'em in a hotel
you say he's the biggest thing
there'll be this year
i guess that what i'm seeking
i guess that what i'm seeking
isn't here
met him in a hotel
met him in a guess world
guessed anyone but you

you were wild
where are you now


Now, I know I'm not getting married, but you know what I am talking about. The ones you were with, that you can't ever seem to let go. Sure, you can not think about them, even 'forget' them at times - but we both know, we can never actually let them sail ship from our harbor. There are times we want to keep watch on them - or over them - just to see how they are, what they are doing, what they are thinking. But we have to learn we can't do that. It's over. It will never be - again. How do we learn that? Or is it just time that does the trick. Time, that when we are asleep or 'forgetting' they sail their ship from our bay and let's them crash down.


Katie said...

I don't think we're supposed to forget completely. That'd be to forget an entire part of our lives. I surprise myself sometimes with the people I remember.

Good rainy lunch. :)

Heather B said...

Good god, this brought a tear to my eye ... my favorite post, ever.

molly said...

I sitll hold on to the hope that I'll someday forget.

lucas miré said...

God, and I can't even remember their names....