small reunion

This year...

Last year...

True, we were missing two folks and we were on a different continent, but we were still having good times.

The other evening Katie, Andria and I went to EspaƱa for tapas. Then we caught an acoustic show at Mick's with Sleep Said the Monster and Landon from Little Brazil. I plan to catch more shows of SStM because they were pretty bangin'.

Katie and I ran into Greg. We chatted how we were in London at this time. That night one year ago was pub crawl night (the photo above), so we thought a slight reenactment was in order.

To Katie, I hope the red wine washed out of your white pants. Some things just don't go together. You should never live without white pants in the spring and summer, but you should also never live without red wine (all seasons of the year).

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Katie said...

What a glorious evening it was. We'll have to do Espana again soon. And if I do the wine waterfall, a pancho will be in order.